Our Principle Philosophy

MeMap aims to create values that benefit the communities it operates within as well as profits. As we succeed and improve at our job, we want to further our communities as well.
Our principle philosophy is to help improve the collective health of people to nurture a life of quality and happiness.
The MeMap philosophy is based in behavioral economics and organizational behavior sciences.
It has been designed to help its users maintain and improve their health by providing support, direction and encouragement.

Benefits Of Our Philosophy

When correctly applied to the field of health-fitness,
MeMap’s philosophy offers unprecedented Shared Value to
individuals, trainers, gyms, institutions and national economies.

Shared Value

We are talking about benefits that will spread from the individual level all the way to communities and even governments.
Exercise is no longer a choice but a necessity. This is why we invented a scientific and objective scoring system for physical fitness.

Why we set sail to this journey

Physical exercise makes us more healthy and efficient faced with the new dynamic hardships of modern social life.
A fundamental change is called for to change the modern image of exercise. We want to guide people in order to help them improve their health.

Experiencing the benefits

We created FitScore® using information from studies within health and exercise literature spanning over more than 60 years.
We produced an algorithm which allows society and government to utilize this collection of information effectively in daily life: Next Generation Fitness Software.


The biggest factor in determining healthy options is a personalized approach. FitScore will show you the effects of your exercise on your body in exact numerical terms. You will view the effect of your work in hard numbers. Your common fitness misconceptions will change as you view your results.

Making hard choices easy

Habits and poor choices account for %80 all illnesses. It is in our hands to get ahead of chronic diseases and unhealthy aging.
Global studies on human behavior tells us that, there is no motivation without reward.
MeMap displays the rewards of your efforts in real time, through your FitScore to keep you motivated.

Results supported by science

The results MeMap’s smart software generates are even more reflective on your quality of life than you think. Correct exercise is like medicine. Physical exercise in the right frequency, duration and intensity can have miraculous results. Benefits on health, through healing and future malady prevention, and work ethic have been confirmed by in depth research.


TURDEP is the “Turkish diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and endocrinological diseases prevalence study”, the first of which was conducted in 1997 and followed by a second instalment in 2010. The 2010 study with, 92% initial patient participation and 26,499 individuals, demonstrates that these health issues need to be taken seriously.


Thanks to advances in medicine the average human life has been elongated by 35 years over the past century! However, the average person often spends the last 13 years of this extra 35 dependent on others due to muscle tissue decay. Rather than a personal problem, it is a societal one that calls for a large scale solution.

“Work related Stress”

An epidemic now

In 1994 the world health organisation declared work related stress an epidemic. This epidemic affects the primary source of value for governments and employers, workers. Which is highly detrimental to the economy as a whole.

A reform in health insurance

In 1959 Metropolitan Life (MetLife) insurance started to use tables of weight-height ratios, based on insurance data, for the first time. These tables were slightly revised in 1983, based on data from 25 health insurers over a period of 18 years and 4,2 million individuals.
After all these years, during which factors affecting human health have been studied and refined, we think it is time to take the next step.