Digital Fitness Platform

MeMap® marries fitness services and coding in one platform. It brings together a new generation of trainers and innovative gyms by partnering them with its one of a kind smart fitness calculation program to provide unique fitness services.
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Patented innovation: FitScore®

FitScore® is a personalized fitness score.
Through physical testing, 6 health related fitness components are measured. These results are then combined to create a FitScore® grade.
FitScore® is a USPTO and EPO patented invention and the only assessment system in the world which combines fitness components to create a single grade assessment of the individual.

Smart Fitness System

MeMap Smart Fitness System® collects data on you through physical tests. The patented algorithm then calculates your FitScore® and generates shorter and more effective exercise strategies targetted at your specific fitness needs.
The system tracks your progress through your FitScore® instead of your activity in order to update your fitness goals and generate the optimal exercise strategy in real time.

Smart Fitness Software

Is a web based professional fitness software within the MeMap platform. It records the individuals health and fitness data and uses its patented algorithm to generate personalized scores for fitness components, which are then used to calculate the individuals FitScore®. It generates scientific and personalized exercised strategies and informs the user of the optimal kind of exercises, exercise frequency, and exercise duration. All you need to do is reach out to one of our trainers or one of many gyms using the Smart Fitness System.

MeMap sets you free

With MeMap you can take control of your life and physical health. MeMap’s Smart Fitness System and next-generation fitness software generate personalized and optimally planned exercise recommendations which allow you to stay healthy while enjoying life to the fullest. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of exercise, just for you. Are you ready for sustainable fitness success with MeMap?

Meet the next generation of trainers

Result oriented MeMap trainers are equipped with knowledge of health, exercise and behavioral sciences. MeMap generates personalized exercise strategies based on your physical health, risk factors and FitScore®. Working with MeMap trainers allows you to access personalized fitness regiment based on scientific data. This way, you can avoid wasting time and money on ineffective exercises and experience result-oriented and measurable improvement.

Shared value

While MeMap’s business model aims to generate revenue, it has also been designed to target the public health crisis. We want to help our communities by doing our job well.
We believe our scoring system can help and improve society, insurance systems, and even governments. Many governments today are crippled by the ever-rising cost of health care. We all have a part to play in creating a healthier society.

Where can I find it

Get connected with MeMap gyms and trainers.

A successful fitness strategy must be backed by science with the priority of health and wellness. MeMap considers your health and risk factors to offer a completely personalized development program. After signing up for free on our website, all you have to do is reach out to a gyms and/or trainers who use the MeMap Smart Fitness System.

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Redefining fitness, MeMap is ready to help you achieve health goals. How well do you know your physical capacity? Do you track your results? Make an appointment now, and we’ll design a result-oriented fitness program specified to your health and fitness goals.